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Leanovations Partners with eVSM the easiest way to visualize the Value Stream

Leanovations/eVSM Partnership

Leanovations is an Official Distributor and Trainer of eVSM Software


Walking the shop or office floor with a paper and pencil to collect data and observe actual conditions is how value-stream mapping (VSM) is done. But for a long time, members of the Lean Community have been sharing these hand-drawn maps by creating their own electronic templates from scratch in various software programs. eVSM makes the process of turning hand-drawn maps into electronic ones easier and faster.

As a companion -- not a substitute -- to paper-and-pencil mapping, the software allows lean practitioners to easily create, modify, and disseminate electronic value-stream maps. The eVSM software is developed independently by GumshoeKI, a visual communications company and a Microsoft Visio Solutions partner. For technical questions on eVSM, please call GumshoeKI at +1 (513) 258-8540.

See a 7 minute animated demonstration of eVSM.

eVSM allows lean practitioners to:

  • Transfer paper and pencil value-stream maps into an electronic format for presentations;
  • Create auxiliary visuals such as spaghetti diagrams and communication circles.
  • Create multiple versions of future-state maps for implementation and what-if analysis;
  • Communicate value-stream maps electronically to others via E-mail or the web;
  • Organize multiple maps for macro value-stream analysis;
  • Perform simple lean calculations via an integrated Excel spreadsheet;
  • Create visual gadgets and charts using any map data. Even combination bar/line charts are simple using the integrated chart-making tool.
  • Manage the lean transformation with a visual storyboard.
  • Standardize and speed up the mapping process with multi-shape templates.

The drawing process is made easier with such features as automatic snap-to positioning of icons and right-click menus of data box attributes, such as cycle time, uptime, and rework percentage.

eVSM has been extended by GumshoeKI since its first release to support the new workbooks from the Institute and its extended lean network (Seeing the whole, Creating Continuous Flow, Making Materials Flow, Creating Level Pull) and has alignment with and support of these workbooks as a primary ongoing objective. As the scope of publications has increased to include lean services and healthcare application areas, specific support for these areas have been built into the software.

View the eVSM Frequently Asked Questions.

Mapping Examples

Download sample maps drawn in eVSM

  • Page 1: a current-state map for a plant that makes scissors
  • Page 2: a future-state map for the same plant showing some operations combined into a continuous flow cell
  • Page 3: a layout map showing the cell design
  • Page 4: an extended value-stream map showing the plant as part of the product's material and information flows through multiple facilities

License Pricing & Volume Discounts

A new license of the eVSM software is available. Both Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Excel are prerequisites for eVSM. A discount of 10 percent is automatically applied on any single eVSM order of 10 or more new licenses and a 20 percent discount on any single order of 50 or more new licenses. (Software is not returnable after the package seal is broken).

Click here to buy the eVSM Software License.

Trial License of eVSM


The license fee includes support for the latest version of the eVSM software directly from the developer, GumshoeKI, which has years of experience developing and supporting Visio-based software. GumshoeKI is a member of Microsoft Corporation's Visio Partner Program. The support desk number is +1 (513) 258-8540


If you already have a license for an older version of the eVSM software you will get Email notification as updates become available for purchase. If you have any questions, please Email these to support@evsm.com or call the eVSM support desk at +1 (513) 258-8540


Software Requirements
  1. Microsoft Visio 2003 (or later version). Both Visio Standard and Visio Professional are supported. Visio Professional is recommended for practitioners who wish to leverage Visio for floor layout plans in addition to value stream maps.
  2. Microsoft Excel 2000 or later version

You can order new copies of Microsoft Excel and Visio or upgrade from prior releases from sites that sell Microsoft products like http://www.amazon.com

Computer System Requirements
eVSM is supported on Windows 2000, XP and Vista

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