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Here is a partial list of organizations who have experienced improvements while working with Leanovations

  • Bunn-O-Matic
  • Projects Incorporated 
  • Brady Corporation
  • IDEX Corporation 
  • GKN Aersospace
  • Traver IDC
  • SPX Corporation
  • Microboard Processing Inc.
  • Reflexite Corporation Americas
  • Atlantic Inertial Systems
  • Kell-Strom Tool Company
  • Ultimate Wireforms
  • Precision Castparts Corporation
  • Eastern Plastics
  • Permasteelisa
  • Schenck 
  • CT Department of Consumer Protection
  • Vermont D.E.C. 
  • R.I. Department of Children, Youth & Families
  • Skillcraft Manufacuring 
  • Connecticut Department of Children and Families 
  • Precison Punch
  • Washington DC - CFSA 
  • Blue Q
  • Altra Industrial Motion
  • Willington Companies 
  • Future Industries
  • Horst Engineering
  • Keeney Mfg. Company
  • Standard Oil
  • EB Manufacturing
  • Hubbard Hall
  • Forrest Machine
  • Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • Birmingham Group Health Services, Inc.
  • Betatronix Potentiometers
  • W.E. Bassett - TRIM Products
  • Connecticut D.E.E.P.
  • Watson Inc.
  • Blue Q 
  • R.I. Department of Business Regulations
  • Winslow Automatics
  • Conard Corporation 
  • BAE Systems
  • Dell Manufacturing
  • MAC Equipment
  • Protodyne
  • REM Chemicals 
  • Zygo Corporation
  • Specialty Printing  
  • Gammons Hoaglund
  • Fenn Manufacturing
  • Peter Paul Electronics 
  • Olin Brass 
  • Connecticut Department of Corrections
  • Beekley Corporation
  • Westinghouse
  • Kadant Corporation
  • United Steel Inc.
  • Federal EPA 
  • R.I. Department of Corrections 
  • Bauer Corporation
  • Rowley Spring & Stamping 
  • Connecticut Department of Education  
  • Kreisler Manufactuing 
  • Fred Shamburg, President

    83 Boxwood Row, Cheshire CT 06410 
    Phone: (860) 479-0293



    Certified Veteran Owned Business

    Certified Small Business Entity (SBE) 

    Federal Contracting CAGE # Code: 6ZNK8/DUNS #: 017868214

    NAICS #: 541611 (Administrative and General Management Consulting Services)  

    Here's what our clients are saying...

    "To truly change habits, and culture you need a consistent and pervasive influence that penetrates the organization at all levels.  Leanovations has delivered on this.  The Constant-Gentle-Pressure that Leanovations applies has started a new mindset in our company, a thought process driven to eliminate waste and constantly improve.  Results gained from this "Partnership for Success" have transformed the most skeptical of our employees, and have fueled a passion to grow profitably.  Changing culture is not just a part of the game, it is the game, and we have begun to do it here at RSS, driven by our early success, full management commitment and the Constant-Gentle-Pressure from Leanovations".
    John Dellalana
    Rowley Spring & Stamping 
    “Fred Shamburg and the Leanovations team has been instrumental in helping me understand what it really takes to be successful in accomplishing a Lean Culture, through engaging and empowering the employees.  We would not be enjoying the successful we have without Fred’s CGP (constant gentle pressure).  Leanovations helped us make rapid early progress while helping us develop the critical mass of internal Lean talent that is needed to sustain positive operational excellence momentum. I have recommended Leanovations to many of our suppliers as developing a strong value stream is what will allow everyone to enjoy the transforamtion.” 
    Doug Eccleston
    Vice-President Worldwide Operations
    Zygo Corporation 
    "Never a day goes by that I am not “in awe” of Leanovations.  You guys are without a doubt the most competent and thorough consultants that I have had the opportunity to work with during my 22 years at BGHS. Thank you for all of your hard work and willingness to help BGHS to improve."
    Sandy Lombardi, MA MBA
    Director of Community Support Services
    Birmingham Group Health Services, Inc.

    "At MAC we believe the choice of a Sensei is THE most important decisions to ensure a successful a Lean initiative.  Choose the wrong Sensei and you will not only waste your company’s time and money, you will not get organizational buy-in.  We decided to partner with Fred and Leanovations as our “go-to” Sensei, which was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  Fred and his team have a depth of experience and knowledge that is hard to match. His excellent communication and teaching style made the Lean journey “ours” right from the start and as a result MAC people have a strong sense of Lean ownership.  In the past year our Lean business results have been absolutely terrific, receiving praise from many of our key Customers plus a highly successful 3P event which resulted in a new patented product!  Partnering with Fred and Leanovations was an “OUTSTANDING” decision by MAC and I would give Leanovations my highest endorsement."

    Ernie Iznaga

    Vice President, Operations

    MAC Equipment, Inc.


    "Fred was really the perfect fit for our company, he tailored the training to our company, and we really needed someone who would roll up his sleeves and look closely at our situation. Fred's training is forcing us to address our weaknesses, I am not sure many of the other consultants would have connected with us so well".
    Paul Stefanik
    The GAMMONS Hoaglund Company


    “Our experience with Leanovations has been very positive and timely, as a major portion of our business relies upon the building industry.  With our major focus on our lean initiative's to accomplish smaller orders, faster deliveries, and controlling costs, several of the largest buying groups within the Plumbing Wholesale industry have expressed their excitement with our efforts and results thus far.  Thank you Leanovations for your energetic and resourceful approach, and maintaining such a positive perspective within each and every event...which is extremely effective, and motivational.”  
    James Holden
    Executive Vice President
    The Keeney Manufacturing Company


    "We have found Fred to be very passionate about "Lean" training with a wide breadth of knowledge and the willingness to put in whatever effort is needed to finish each project. The results we are seeing have been immediate and bottom line driven".

    Craig Hoekenga
    Microboard Processing Inc.
    "Leanovations truly became a partner in our Lean transformations.  Fred's ability to keep things simple and easy to understand keeps all our employees engaged.  Fred brings an enthusiasm and positive energy for Lean that brings results, he is very approachable and earns respect from all the teams.  We are well on our way now due to his challenges and coaching to make us "Learn It, Live It and Love It" through his CGP.... Constant-Gentle-Pressure.  Lean is a way of life for Fred and is the foundation of Leanovations".
    Ed Poirier
    Chief Operating Office
    Specialty Printing
    "As a member of a past team-recipient of the Shingo Prize, I can tell you that I am thrilled that we are utilizing Leanovations!  What I have witnessed is terrific, Leanovations definitely planted the right seed(s) at the right time, allowing several great things to happen at Protedyne!"
    Henry Couture
    Director of Quality
    Protedyne Corp. 
    "We have been utilizing Leanovations over the last year and we have had tremendous success and would highly recommend them.  The enthusiasm and energy for Lean and Innovations is new for Willington, and all employees involved with the training and Kaizen events are now excited about coming to work." 
    Mike Goepfert
    General Manager
    Willington Companies 
    "Leanovations has been the perfect partner for us on our quest to grow in a declining market by engaging all employees to eliminate waste.  Their approach is to mentor and teach organizations that are committed to change.  The results have been rapid culture change and real-time implementation of very effective ideas from our employees.  Thanks to Leanovations and our employees’ willingness to change, we are becoming a powerful force and developing into team of people who care more about the name on the front of the jersey rather than the name on the back!"
    Wayne Demmons
    Director of Operations 
    BAE Systems
    “I would highly recommend Fred Shamburg as a Lean Sensei for any company who needs expert coaching and guidance at any point along the Lean Journey. For our company, Fred’s CGP (constant gentle pressure) was the ‘shot in the arm’ that we needed to make rapid early progress while helping us develop the critical mass of internal Lean talent that is needed to sustain positive operational excellence momentum”. 
    Ernie Konkoli
    Manufacturing General Manager
    Eastern Plastics Division of IDEX Corp.



    Leanovations, LLC / 83 Boxwood Row / Cheshire, CT / USA / 06410 
    Phone: (860) 479-0293

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